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Sly Park Recreation Area, Lake Jenkinson

Sly Park at Lake Jenkinson ranks in my top five for local recreational areas.

Firstly, Lake Jenkinson is gorgeous! The beautiful trees of the El Dorado National Forest and seasonal changes are stunning.

Second, the park offers several amenities. I enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and kayaking there on a regular basis. Trails are typically ranked easy to moderate in difficulty. They are kid friendly and well maintained.

The facility has excellent docks for water sport and boating enthusiasts. The lake can get very busy in the summer and during peak hours. If you are looking for a quiet nature walk or wildlife viewing, it is best to go off season or avoid midday. Also, they provide lovely spacious campgrounds, ample parking, bathrooms, and dogs are welcome!

I recommend dressing in layers and be prepared for the cold. The temperature is substantially cooler in the trees which is nice for summer rides and hiking. The area frequently receives snow during the winter, so bring your camera and capture that snow day!


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