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FarmGirl Yoga

It is often said that horses are like mirrors. I find this to be true as they do reflect our energy and truest emotions. However, I'd take it even further if I had the words to express their magical ways. What I can say is that animals in general, but specifically horses, have an uncanny ability of reading a person, mirroring their energy, and pulling out of us what we bury deep.

Put a horse in front of me and you will quickly learn a lot about me. They amplify what lies beneath. A wonderful feeling on a good day, not so great on a rough day. However, the beauty is in the journey and willingness to let someone bring those things out of us. 


My horse integrated yoga practice started with a rescue horse named Bella. She panicked under saddle and resorted to bucking. After many falls, frustration, and tears. I gave up and decided to get a different horse for riding. The new horse was named Gaviota and she helped me rebuild my confidence from my experiences with Bella. While riding Gaviota one day, I was feeling great about our partnership and decided to stand on the top of the saddle. It was an exhilarating experience to trust an animal so much and to know it was reciprocated. I loved the energetic connection, the physical control of my deliberate movements, and reading her body. The seed had been planted.


The concept didn't root and take off until later when I decided to approach Bella in a different way. Approaching her as a yogi instead of a rider. I wanted nothing from her, there was no goal or expectation. I wanted to give her warmth, connection, and peace. In return, she has become one of my most trusted yoga partners.


To anyone considering the practice of yoga with horses, I'd recommend showing up with no expectations. Let the horse tell you about your truth. Get lost in the sweet connection, whether you are on the ground or balancing in the air. It's not about the poses or eye-catching photos. This practice is about the potential between horse and human through a conversation of yoga. 


Are you ready for the horse's truth?


What does a Horse and Yoga Integration session look like?
Each session is unique! It is an individualized journey navigated by the mood of the horse to the energy of the person and everything in between.

The typical flow of a session will start with grooming, energy centering, and a yoga warm-up. Next, I connect with the horse through acupressure, equine chakras, energy meridians, massage, and yoga poses on the ground. When appropriate, I will mount up bareback for more connecting and poses. Lastly, a cool-down sequence and reflection. 

Hourly Pricing:  
2 People-  $50 each
3 People- $35 each
To schedule an in-person or remote coaching session, please contact me through email.