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How This Farmgirl Stays Fit

Updated: May 16, 2018

Many ask, what’s your workout routine?

It varies. And that’s how it’s supposed to be! On an average week, I hit the weights three times for an arms, back/chest, and leg day. Sometimes, I can only get to the athletic club twice, which means a lower body upper body split or a push-pull workout.

In addition to the weight training, I do at least two other forms of exercise a week.

For my cardio, I usually run, swim, or take a class. My favorite classes are cycling, barre, and cardio kickboxing.

Whenever I can, I utilize my gym’s partnership with Radiant Yoga. My toddler thoroughly enjoys the play center while I’m sweating away my stress and centering. I absolutely love this studio and their excellent instructors!

I try to work in an aspect of adventure each week. I enjoy horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, acro, and dance. Plus, depending on the season, I snowboard, wakeboard, SUP/SUP yoga, and so on. El Dorado County has much to offer; especially the Tahoe area, being a favorite destination for active living!

It probably sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t feel like it. My “routine” is adventurous and fun. I never plateau and my body excels at adapting to different requests of balance and coordination. I’ve never felt so strong, energetic, and relaxed!

So how can you adopt this approach?

Pick three options for your muscles. Examples are; yoga, personal training, cross fit, at home, etc.)

Pick two options for cardiovascular health. Examples are; aquatics, cycling, dancing, machines, etc.)

Pick one day to soak up nature with a good hike, play a sport, or try a new activity.

Sometimes life dishes out too much. When I need to recover or focus on other tasks I don't beat myself up. Breaks in your fitness are to be expected. Get back to it as soon as you can! Lucky for me, my home life and work life are physically demanding. Running a ranch burns a lot of calories. Wrangling animals, mucking, delivering food, emptying water buckets, and property maintenance are exhausting! Of course, I love it though!

Before each week I look at my commitments and pencil in my workouts. My fitness is essential but my life is nowhere near calm or boring. My solution is being flexible and getting creative!


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