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Train with Fit Farmgirl


Personal training and group fitness sessions and classes are held at RubiconFit in Placerville.

Coaching includes resistance training, cadiovascular conditioning, mobility work, mindset tips, and nutritional improvement. 

Remote coaching and at home workout development options are available. Specialty workouts such as equestrian, yoga influenced, and aquatic are also an option. 

Healthy Habits starts February 5th (online)

Equestrian Fitness Workshop: March 2nd at 10AM


Kids Classes: Spring 2024

Womens Group: TBD


Workshop: Equestrian Fitness & Rider Development

As equestrians, we spend a lot of time focusing on the horse. For this workshop, we are going to focus on the rider! Specifically, his or her fitness, at is relates to the ability to ride safely and communicate effectively. Your horse is not the only athlete in the partnership and you should be doing your part!


The workshop will begin with the components of fitness for riding. We will spend 45 minutes discussing the physical mechanics of riding, typical program development, and basic modifications for a range of ages and body types. Learn about strength for improved asymmetric movement and common muscle imbalances.


Next, we will warm up and work out together! Participants will leave this workshop with confidence in a beginning set of exercises to make themselves best rider they can be! The physical movement portion of the workshop will be approximately 30 minutes.

This workshop is best for riders 12yrs & up. Participants will need to wear fitness attire and clean athletic shoes. (Please do not show up in barn shoes.)

Bring your riding partner or workout buddy and receive $15 off for each person!

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