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From The Ground Up

Intro to Horsemanship lessons is the ideal way to start an equestrian journey or getting back into it.  Safety, respect, hard work and real horsemanship concepts taught in youth-friendly and adult contexts. Whether you are "filling in the holes" of your equestrian knowledge or starting as a blank canvas, you will learn everything it takes to create a thoughtful and comprehensive foundation. 


Sessions will cover all the basics from catching a horse to correct posture in the saddle and everything in between. Sessions are built to provide a rounded education that shows all aspects of horsemanship, not just saddle time. You, or your child, will achieve a sense of real accomplishment, comfort and knowledge for horse care. 

Each 50 minute session provides instruction based on the age and experience of the student. Full-size horses, miniature horses, and donkeys are incorporated for lessons. The curriculum includes safely performing tasks such as catching a horse, leading, tying, ranch chores, anatomy, grooming, hoof care, feeding, tack, groundwork, and basic riding.​

Sessions are serviced in El Dorado off HWY 49 and China Hill Road. 

Per Session Rate:  $75

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Package:  5 lessons for $350 

Semi Private (2ppl, est clients only): $125 

Off -Site Training, Lessons and Away Care:  $100 per hour 

Workshop: Equestrian Fitness & Rider Development 

Please visit the Fitness page for more information. 

Gift certificates are available upon request. 



From the Ground Up is a cherished educational opportunity and I am truly grateful for its success! This program has a lot of wonderful dedicated students. Some are currently committed on a regular basis while others are waiting for an appointment. There is a cancellation policy to effectively manage the schedule.

Please cancel or reschedule with 24hrs notice.

  • Cancellations within the 12hr period or a no-show are the full value of the session.

Summer Camp!


This program is for girls, ages 6-12. We will be working in a small class of 3-5 students. Participants will receive hands-on horsemanship instruction, riding time, and ranch-related activities!


- Learn to feed and care for horses

- Personal confidence and discipline

- Equine anatomy, behavior, and body language

- Handling and groundwork experience

- Foundational riding

- Team building and social skill activities

- Art, games, and farm animal encounters

Students need to wear ranch/riding attire and boots. They will also want water and snack. Parents can drop off or stay and watch. Helmets are available for use. 

Prerequisite: Participants must complete one private horsemanship lesson 

When: (2024 TBD) from 9am-12pm

Registration Fee:  $375



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To register, submit a contact form indicating the desired camp, age, and name of the participant. 

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