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2018, Health & Happiness Awaits.

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

This is going to be a fantastic year! I'm excited to witness everyone achieve their goals and practice their new year's resolutions!

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you achieve your fitness and wellness endeavors for 2018:

- Pick appropriate goals and resolutions for your body and lifestyle. I'm very ambitious by nature but when it comes to my body I keep it realistic, simple, and with self love in mind. Stay away from any goals that come from a place of body shaming, pressure, advertising/photoshop and unhealthy practices.

- Your NYR should be about a journey with challenges, progress, achievements, possible detours, and patience. You should be excited to get going! It shouldn't feel like a daunting trek up the mountain of perfection.

- Get motivated! Share your goals, create an agreement with a workout buddy, watch some inspiring athletic movies, update your playlist and buy some new running shoes or sports bra!

-Try new activities! NYR are not limited to the gym, pounding pavement, or starving yourself from all desirable food. For your diet, try a new cook book or take cooking classes. Try activities such as riding bikes, hiking, yoga, water sports, rock climbing, dancing, and so on. Have fun!!!!

-Continue to stretch, foam roll, drink water, and do your pushups!

- Try to make the best choice possible at every meal. Fill your plate with at least 50% (or ideally 75%) vegetables. Incorporate superfoods, herbs, and spices.

I will do my best to provide ideas, tips, and training techniques to fuel your motivation and success for 2018! And with that said I will leave you with the most important sentiment:


Show up for yourself. Be present. Connect.

Even, no, especially, when you are a mess just show up as you are and be willing to be accepted as is. Trust me, it is accepted and embraced so SHOW UP!

XO, Fit_Farmgirl


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