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Snacking Like A Pro

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I am frequently asked about my nutrition. Firstly, I am a foodie. I love food! Although it may not seem like it, a lot of health and wellness professionals are foodies! Of course, not just any food. I save my intake for what is worth the gym grind and respectful to my body. Whether I am out to eat or not, I still have high standards for special dining and dessert. How strict I am depends on the season and my current goals such as race dates or photography sessions. In addition to fine dining, I take great care in providing my body and my family with exceptional everyday fuel. From meals to snacks, I am either supporting my goals or hindering my health. How about you?

I have simple rules that make it easy to avoid unhealthy items. And, when you learn what these concepts are protecting you from, the unhealthy items immediately become undesirable. Here are some of the basics:

I am always a plant-based eater. Dinners are typically at least 50% vegetable. I try to avoid GMOs by purchasing organic and visiting high-quality food establishments. Strictly limit processed foods. I buy fair trade and responsibly sourced as much as possible. I do not consume products with artificial sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and dyes. Power foods are my greatest ally. Create a colorful plate! Plant-based fats and quality carbohydrates are my friends.

So let's talk snacking:

I graze all day. Whether you graze or have a specific number of meals, the higher quality the food, the more of it you can eat. The point is to keep my system fueled and balanced.

Before you snack, ask yourself, are you really hungry? Could it be thirst? Drink some water.

True hunger needs healthy fuel, not an emotional stop gap or pleasure.

Don't get me wrong, I encourage eating foods that are exciting, delicious, and comforting. It should be done in the right way and to the right degree. Once the enjoyment is over, stop eating! Mindless eating is caused by a negative emotional theme or trigger.

I love snacking during a movie after dinner. In order to allow for that, I have to be very intentional about allowing myself a snack or dessert. Regardless of the time of day or scenario, the key is to be intentional and in control!

The snacks below are some of my weekly delights: Garlic cauliflower, artichokes, grapefruit, cashews, sweet potato, and stove-popped popcorn.


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