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Seize it.

Last week, I created a post about seizing moments. Throughout this past year's uncertainty and numerous unfortunate circumstances, I have learned to seize the moment. If I saw a moment for happiness, I savored it. If an opportunity for professional growth presented, I jumped on it! If there was a peaceful moment or chance for rest, I protected it.

The typical sentiment is to seize the day. Which of course, is great. However, with all the roles and responsibilities that I have, I rarely get an entire day for that mentality! It is more challenging to be in the moment and grateful when I am in the daily grind. But that is where the real value is. Being present in the good of the grind!

This past weekend, I knew I needed some horse time by myself. I saw an opportunity to make it happen Sunday afternoon so I seized it! Taking that moment for myself and to connect with my horse was very beneficial. Now, here I am on Monday with a ton of stuff already accomplished.

So my challenge to myself, and to my peers, is to seize these moments from now until the end of the year! I'm curious to see the everday moments or special events that you are soaking up! You might inspire someone to be a little more present in an area they are missing out. Doing this challenge and paying attention to another's input with help train the brain to focus on gratitude and positivity. If you would like to participate on social media, add the hashtag #seizedit and/or tag @fit_farmgirl on Insta and @katekohagen on Facebook.


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