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Sleep Hygiene

Having a great day starts the night before!

If you aren't sleeping well, your evening routine probably needs a make-over.

Let's start by checking in:

Are you having difficulty falling asleep?

Do you sleep through the night?

Do you feel exhausted?

Are you getting at least six hours of sleep?

Those are just a few basic questions to help you access the health of your rest and recovery practices. Most likely, you have some areas to improve. Even if you feel like you are sleeping well, why not get the most out of those precious hours with a few productive tips!

First, let's look at what might be interrupting high-quality sleep:

- Nutrition matters. Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and heavy meals can cause problems for your digestive system and sleep cycle.

- Electronics right before bedtime should be regulated. Give yourself at least thirty minutes between any screen time and getting into bed.

- The atmosphere of your bedroom isn't hocus pocus. Bright lights, buzzing electronics, and the temperature are important.

- Hitting the snooze button increases feelings of fogginess and disorientation because the sleep cycle has been interrupted.

Now, let's build an awesome sleep hygiene routine!

  • Increase your activity throughout the day. Get your energy out with a walk, workout, or stretching!

  • Consume caffeine and alcohol wisely. A regulated amount and timing will allow you to enjoy without negatively affecting sleep.

  • Adjust the brightness of your phone to the night or blue light mode.

  • Eat healthy meals to better regulate your hormones and digestive system. Dinner should be the lightest meal.

  • Your bedroom should be clean, cool, and relaxing. The bed is for rest, cuddling and sex. Keep work, social media, or anything negative away from it.

  • Once you are done with screen time, limit your light exposure and provide a thirty-minute buffer before you slide in between the sheets. Let the dog go potty, pet the cat, practice breathwork, talk to your partner, stretch or do some relaxing yoga poses.

  • Try a sound machine or guided sleep meditation.

  • Use cooling sheets or a weighted blanket.

  • Release the worries of your mind by getting them onto paper before bed. Journaling is a great way to unwind.

  • Establish a sleep schedule that only fluctuates thirty minutes to an hour depending on the day. Waking up early during the week and then sleeping late on weekends will only make Monday and Tuesday that much harder.

  • Do not play the snooze game. Train yourself to become fully awake at the sound of the alarm.

Teaching ourselves to prioritize sleep is one simple way to win the next day! Now, you have multiple tools for excellent sleep hygiene!


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