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Let's Talk Abdominals

1. Spot Reduction Myth- Training a specific area will not zap the fat. The body fat percentage must be reduced as a whole before focusing on the area to create definition. Where you lose your weight first/ last is mainly genetics.

2. Foundation Tips- Drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods. Practice an active lifestyle with core engaging activities. My body reacts best to yoga, running, and swimming. Start your exercise routine with dynamic or compound movements to get the abs working.

3. Mind-Body Connection- The muscle takes cues from the brain. If you want to utilize the whole muscle for an efficient workout and results, then you must focus on the muscle and activity while performing. It's not hippie stuff... called neuromuscular junction if you want to get technical.

4. Activate- your core often, not just at the gym. I recommend that clients tighten their abs at every red light when driving. When not driving, every text message or dog bark. Pick something that works for you and is frequent. Pull the belly button to the spine. Also, activate your pelvic muscles and floor. (Like stopping urine)

5. Post Pregnancy & Diastasis Recti- If you just had a baby or similar surgery you must be cleared for activity. Even if you are getting into working out or have very little core strength, take these same precautions. Start at balance ➡️ activation ➡️ foundation exercises ➡️ then you can strengthen and shred.

Abdominal Progression

Phase one:

- Cat/ Cow

- Alternating Table Top

- Heel Slide/ Drops

- Bridges

- Reverse Bridge

- Starter Side Plank

- Pilates Pulses

Phase two:

- Side Plank

- Toe Touches

- Regular Crunch (variations)

- Bicycles

- Alt Heel Reach

🛑 Stop: Do not do planks if you haven’t laid a foundation. Planks, as well as other advanced ab exercises, must be done in correct form or you will begin to push your abs out and train them to look worse.


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