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Plant-Based Success!

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

So by now, you’ve probably heard, a healthy diet means low or no meat and high in vegetables. Many people want to eat healthier and move towards a plant-based diet, but the transition seems daunting. The good news is that the current and future trends are in our favor! Vegan and vegetarian options, products, and restaurants are on the rise!

Many people start out going pescatarian or vegetarian for various reasons. I find that the most successful people are those who slowly make the transition. Becoming vegan overnight can be overwhelming. If you feel motivated to do that, then awesome! However, I advise on taking it at your own pace, enjoy the journey, and have fun!

Let’s get started with five easy steps. But before we do, we need to establish why you are going to be successful at this. Why are you reducing your meat consumption? I highly recommend researching the benefits of going plant-based and the dangers of continuing to eat animal meat. To be successful, you have to know why you are making this change. And hopefully, you become passionate about it!

For me, it started with wanting to eat healthier by eliminating red meat. I only consumed pork in the form of the occasional bacon strip with breakfast. To my surprise, I ended up rescuing a piglet. Immediately, I realized pork was entirely out of the diet. Not long after, I knew that if I could connect with and love this little pig, then why should a turkey or chicken be any different?

So maybe your decision is from a place of compassion, or perhaps you want to lose weight, either way, know your reasons why and stand firm! Let’s get started!

Try each step at a progression of 1-2 weeks or more.

1. Increase your vegetable intake and decrease the portion of animal meat.

2. Incorporate meatless days. Use grain meat if needed.

3. Completely remove red meat (cow) and pork (pig) from the diet.

4. Only consume meat two days per week.

5. Meat-free! Enjoy real colorful whole foods, plant protein, complex carbs, organic fruits and vegetables.

In the beginning, meat substitutes are very helpful. Try to find brands that are organic, non-GMO, low soy, and without chemicals such as carrageenan. Brands I enjoy are Hillary's Eat Well, Field Roast, Beyond Meat, The Jackfruit Company, Tofurkey, and Amy's Kitchen to name a few.

For meal ideas, recipes, and motivation join a Facebook group, explore Pinterest, and invest in cooking classes or books. As with many endeavors, in the beginning, this will seem challenging. Keep in mind, the results and the benefits will be advantageous and you won’t regret the lives you save! Don't worry about rules and judgement. Be true to your journey and let conscious living change your world!

See, I'm not missing out on the favorites, and you don't have to either! A few of my yummy treats:


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